Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Becoming Debt Free

In 2008 I began a journey to become debt free (except my mortgage).  I was pretty successful; but in just under a year I decided I needed a new or used vehicle.  So I bought a used 2006 Mercedes for $16,000.  Put $3,000 cash down; and traded in my Mazda 626.  So my note was around $10,000not including the extended warranty.  Within a month of taking the Mercedes home it began to have problems.  One thing led to another and I ended up trading it off for a brand new Mazda Tribute (2010).  I was upside down on the loan before I even signed the papers; but I couldn't handle the mechanical problems I had with the Mercedes.  I eventually got the balance of the extended warranty money back; but was a nightmare.

Its been close to 3 years of budget busting; but I am determined to pay the Tribute off early.  So I'm back on the debt free journey again.  I read the book below as well as "Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey.  I'm here to tell you it works (if you follow the plan, and stick with it). 

My personal copy.

Here's how you can get an updated copy!

Or check out "The Total Money Makeover"