Friday, May 10, 2013

Don't Waste Your Wastes -- Compost 'em by Bert Whitehead

Have you ever gone to an estate sale?  Have you gone but not have any idea what you were looking for, or even if you were looking for something.  I guess since I've been on this gardening kick; I went to an estate sale about a month or so ago looking for gardening supplies on the cheap.  By the time I was able to go, many items were already sold.  But..... I stumbled upon this book.

This has been a very informational guide that has given me great hope in composting success.  Since I'm so "cheap", I only paid 75 cents for the book and have gotten really good ideas on how to create an effective, inexpensive compost pile without making my yard look like a mess.  I already have a tumbler; but as soon as I start locating slightly damaged trash cans, I can build my own compost bin with just a little effort.  Some of the other suggestions are a little to labor intensive for lil ole me.... :) 

This is my personal copy and is NOT for sale.  But if you would like a copy, check here:  At the time of this posting there were 27 available on

Happy Gardening,