Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Introduction to Blondie's Bargains

Hello, and welcome to Blondie's Bargains blog.  This blog is intended to share my adventures in saving, whether it be home, gardening, couponing, thrift shopping, or any other accomplished effort. 

I am a single parent of two with a full time job; a home with a big yard.  My interests change so one day posts may be about gardening, the next day they may be about couponing.  The next... who knows.  My wish is that I had more time to spend on craft activities; but taking care of those I love is quite time consuming.  I hope you enjoy my little stories and I welcome comments (positive please lol).

My original blog with blogspot was under the name BlondiesBoutique; however, I have given up my business interests to concentrate on family.

God Bless,