Friday, May 24, 2013

Where I Get My Coupons

I recently read a blog post that shared ideas of where to get extra coupons.  So I thought why not share additional places that I have picked up coupons in the past..... I doubt these are unique spots and you may have read similar posts on other blogs.

  • Hospital - if you know someone who works for your local hospital; just ask if they get courtesy newspapers and if you could possibly get the coupon inserts from those papers.
  • Paper Retriever Dumpster - this one is a little difficult; because in most areas dumpster diving is considered illegal.  If it is not illegal in your area; be sure you have on old clothes, and/or a step ladder, and/or something to extract the coupons.  It would be a good idea to wear gloves too.
  • Friends - I have a couple of friends who bring me coupons on a regular basis.  Others have good intentions but do not always follow through.
  • E-Bay - I have gotten coupons off ebay before; but only once.  The savings definitely outweighed the cost; so it was a good buy.  The standard to remember is that you are not buying the coupons; but are paying for the clipping service.
  • Internet - I have printed these in the past; but I don't use them often.  Several businesses do not accept internet coupons; and there are restrictions regarding how many you can print  (2) per computer.
  • Mail - I used several coupons for FREE McWraps that I got in my snail mail.  Always check your junk mail; there could be some money there... lol
  • Amazon - Great deals on products from Amazon.  Check out the links below.