Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yellow Squash Update

While preparing to write this post; I kept trying to think of ways to bring humor into my writing.  I guess I have too much logic; 'cause I couldn't think of anything funny to say about yellow squash. 

So here goes the logic of the yellow squash:

I started these little babies in paper pots made from newspaper in or around the end of February.  They sprouted really quickly and I was quite happy with my new little green thumb.  On Good Friday I planted them in my raised garden.  (Although I tried one in a grow bag; that little sucker didn't survive.)  But these little beauties are doing quite nicely. 

I was a little concerned about whether I would have to hand pollinate them; but so far they must be pollinating on their own.  Its been a very windy Spring; so perhaps that's done the trick.

After taking this picture, I picked this little guy up off the ground very gently and tried to give him a little support from another stem.  I think that will discourage potential disease.

This picture is from a different view.  Very excited and proud of my two little yellow crookneck squash plants.

Don't forget great gifts for Dad!