Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Project Inspired - Vintage Dish Turned Planter

This #vintage bowl was thrifted years ago.  I can't remember when or where I bought it; or how much I paid for it.  But I have an attraction to pretty things (especially dishes) so its part of my collection.  This has been perched on top of my kitchen cabinets with no specific use or purpose for at least 7 years.  Until..... I read a post by Jackie over at Let's Go Thrifting.  This post (along with others) have inspired me to go beyond my usual #thrifting adventures and boundries and jump into deeper waters.....  check out her inspiring post here:  Have a Green Thumb with Greenbacks to Spare

Recognition:  Linked with permission from Let's Go Thrifting.  Thank you!

So here is my little #succulent in the pretty vintage bowl I picked up years ago.   I layered sand and a sand/soil mix for this little beauty to thrive in.  I hope it does well.

Now beautifully displayed in my window with a new purpose.

I'm planning to give other thrifty finds a new purpose. 

I hope you will follow along.
  See ya next time!

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