Monday, July 22, 2013

Restyled Wide Leg Slacks

This was a relatively simple project.  At least I hope they will look as good on as they do in the picture. 

I have a pair of thrifted gray slacks with wide legs that are out of style and very much "dated".  I wanted to make them look a little more up to date, so I made the legs a little narrower.

  • I ripped out the hem, so the fabric wouldn't bunch up when I got ready to stitch the leg. 
  • I took another pair of slacks and outlined the leg width that I wanted and marked it with chalk.
  • I proceeded to stitch the outside of the legs making them about 2 inches narrower at the bottom leg than they were before.
  • Cut off the excess fabric.
  • Cut 1" off the bottom length
  • Hemmed
Since I'm re-learning to sew, I took them in on the outer leg only.  What do you think?  Did I do ok?

Before (inside out)