Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Garden Update in Texas

Its been 4 months since I planted my first Spring garden, and I'm a little disappointed in the results.  But, not enough to give up on gardening in the future.  Too much time and money invested in getting it started.  I had a few successes and a few challenges.

First - Cucumbers are producing nicely; 3 - 5 every other day or so.
Second - Sweet Bell Peppers are producing nicely; at least 1 or 2 every other day
Third - Jalapeno had a great start.  Still producing but seem to be winding down.

Sweet Bell Peppers 7/31/2013

I have canteloupe plants growing; but I planted them late - so I'm still not sure how well they will do.

Canteloupe in Raised Bed 7/31/2013

Canteloupe in Container 7/31/2013

First - I have 4 delicious tomato plants that did not produce a single solitary tomato.  I am trying to decide whether to uproot them since we are into triple digit temperatures.
Second - 2 Persimmon tomato plants that produced a about 5 or 6 tiny tomatoes that were supposed to be up to a pound each.
Third - my squash and zucchini were destroyed by the squash vine borer.
One is trying to recover; but it may be too late.