Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Texas Style Home Series - Part One; The Main Bath

I'm excited to announce a new series of posts I will be writing in celebration of the vision, design, skill, determination, and hard work of one special individual in my life.

Meet TJ.  The man with a vision.

In "Part One" I am sharing pictures of the main bath that is near completion.  Just a few small details remain...

This home has been in progress for quite some time; but the most important factor in this story; is that it is built from the piers up to the beams with everything in between completely from scratch... or from the ground up if you prefer.  And even better... no mortgage payments.

The main bathroom consists of the standard amenities... a toilet, shower, bathtub.  As you will see; the European flair combined with the Texas style is absolutely beautiful.

So in this first picture we show the bathroom with King John proudly displayed.  John was set after floor heating was installed.  I'm still not 100% sure why you need floor heating in Texas; but I'm sure I'll find out one of these days. 

In the next two pictures you will see the beautiful tile work from the shower, to the walls, and finally to the floor. 

In the next picture is the 100% handcrafted vanity.

The doors, sides, and part of the countertop were aged using a technique called "burning".  And there you also see the older style faucet and basin that fits into the design perfectly.  In the upper corner you can see part of the handcrafted medicine cabinet, also with the burned wood treatment.  Isn't it beautiful?

A closer picture of the medicine cabinet.

A little repositioning came after the next picture was taken.  The mirror was placed and the light fixture was moved slightly to the right.

And the final picture of the vanity with mirror.