Thursday, August 15, 2013

Texas Summer Time Garden Update - Whew its Hot

Well, I can't help but wonder if I'm wasting water as I continue to try to keep these plants alive during the Texas heat.  We finally dropped below 100; but that was very short lived.  Its still pretty darn HOT!

This is a single canteloupe growing from the "container" it is growing from.  It looks pretty good; but its the only one I see.  I absolutely cannot forget to water this; because one day without water and it looks dead.

My sweet bell peppers are still producing; but the fruit is smaller and turns red much quicker than before it got so hot.

This littly cutie patootie is probably the last tiny tomato that I'm going to wait for from my Persimmon Tomato plants.  They look very tired and I think I just may put them out of their misery.  They are growing in grow bags and dry out incredibly fast.

I really tried to get a better picture of this little "Delicious" tomato.  Its a little bigger than a marble and is the only one from 4 plants. 

Many of my friends in this area are preparing for their Fall gardens.  I'm still undecided whether to abandon what is still growing and starting anew; or stick it out a few more weeks.