Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Three Gardening Method Reviews

When I started gardening in the Fall of 2012 I only used one simple method of a raised bed. I researched other gardening methods to the point of anxiety until Spring 2013 where I used 3 different methods to try.

Method 1) The raised bed was an effective method and I am very pleased with it. The only downfall is the grass has started growing up through the bed. The cardboard I used as a decomposible base has decomposed and I am thinking I will need to move the bed into a different area and build it up on cardboard again. I still have canteloupe and bell pepper plants producing in the smaller end of the bed; so I'm not ready to pull those up. I discontinued watering the tomato and cucumber plants. The tomatoes because they had produced no fruit (except for one tiny tomato). The cucumbers because their productivity has declined.

Early Spring 2013

Method 2)  The grow bags were not very effective.  The Persimmon tomato plants did so - so; but the tomatoes were much smaller than the description indicated.  The plants grew to about 5' tall and may have dried out to quickly between waterings.  And.... the roots became exposed.

Grow bags and containers
Method 3)  The container garden was a huge disappointment in the beginning.  But now that I have canteloupe growing out of one... its doing wonderful.... That is as long as I don't forget to water it.  It dries out really quickly and since canteloupe love water; its hard to keep up with it.

So, there are my personal reviews of the three gardening methods I tried over the past few months.  I am still undecided about whether to plant a Fall garden.  In South Central Texas; its still really hot.  Last Fall I planted in October; and it was almost too late.

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