Monday, November 11, 2013

A Day at Wurstfest 2013

My usual topics for this blog are adventures in trying to save money; but occassionally you have to forgo the usual topic and just have a fun day with the family. So is the case of this post.

10 Day Salute to Sausage (and bier).... Since 1961 - an event celebrating German culture and history.

Look here for the History of Wurstfest in New Braunfels, TX

I bought a new hat.... doesn't it look fun?  Are my eyes closed?  lol  It was a beautiful day, so I could be squinting.

A nice young man offered to take our picture.  No, I hadn't had too much to drink; I guess I just look a little goofy; which fits in with the jester hat just perfectly.  My companion (honey) wore his usual hat... my handsome Bavarian cowboy.

As my son walked around he took this picture and I since it turned out so well; I wanted to include it in our fun day post. 

My son tried on my hat.  I think he looks very handsome.

It wouldn't be Wurstfest without a little beer... We stuck with the theme and had Warsteiner.  I'm not much of a beer drinker; but this was pretty good as long as it was cold... and by the way; its just a myth that German people drink warm beer.

And the food is to die for..... porkchop on a stick (not pictured), brats (not pictured), and a family favorite: funnel cake.  Who doesn't love a good funnel cake?

Music in the big tent was great.  This band's finale was an emotional rendition of the National Anthem.

Boerne Village Band

And from my honey's origin of birth.....  Those ladies put on a great show.

Die Bayrische 7

My daughter and I; she takes really good pictures too.

And of course... we couldn't pass up the giraffe cut-out photo op...

I hope you enjoyed this post about a day of fun for the family.  Have a blessed week; and see you next time.