Friday, November 1, 2013

Long Awaited Updated Flooring

I'm really excited to share this home update with you all.  While I cannot take credit for the installation; I can take credit for picking out the flooring at our local Lowe's.  After waiting somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 years for my bedroom and hallway floors to be updated after a major flea infestation resulted in me ripping all of the carpet out... the long awaited update has been done.  I think it is absolutely beautiful and not surprisingly it has really reduced my personal level of anxiety.

As you can see in the upper portion of this picture; we were walking on the concrete slab for a very long time.  Although this picture isn't the greatest quality and was taken the day before the hallway was completed, it can give you a sense of how much it was desperately needed.... and its ALL DONE!

Best part.... labor was provided FREE of charge by my honey. 

8 mm Toffee Oak by Style Selections at Lowe's

Here is a picture of the sample I picked up to show my friends.  Coloring is off a bit; but it is a beautiful floor now.

Now if only I can organize all my clutter...

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