Monday, November 18, 2013

Oma's Cabinet Gets A Makeover

The piece below is an inherited piece originating from my honey's (TJ) Oma (Grandmother).  After her passing, his mother brought it over from Germany.  At some point the old paint had been stripped with the intention of refinishing; but it never was completed.... that is until now.

The piece sat in a "shop" primarily used for mechanical work for the past 7 - 8 years.  It had lots of dust, cobwebs and such that needed to be wiped down.

The drawer hardward was damaged.

The legs were aged; and we liked the look.  So, just minor repair was made to one leg that was loose. 

The holes gives it character.

The drawer needed a little minor repair.

and... so did the door.

Then came the sanding.... and believe it or not; I really liked this part!

After the wood glue dried, TJ sanded the drawer and the door.

I wasn't sure what supplies we would need so I brought it all.

Martha Stewart Living Metalic Paint in Copper Red
Plaster of Paris to rough up the paint texture a bit.
Finishing wax
220 sanding block
Sponge roller and tray
Sponge brush
and Paint brush

After smoothing out the wood with the sanding block; we were ready to paint.

I was not fond of the bubbles left by the sponge roller; so we painted the whole project with brushes.

First coat; and we were pleased with the color choice and the way the paint adhered to the piece.

After the door was painted; TJ had a vision.  How would it look with an Edelweiss flower painted on the front?  So after some research and letting the paint dry overnight.... the flower was a "go". 

TJ waxed (except on the door) while I was at our other home doing laundry  lol....

It came out beautifully. 

The information below is copied (source:

Legend of the Edelweiss

"According to Alpine folklore, suitors proved their love by climbing high crags of the Alps in search of the flower. Tragically, many suitors fell to their death or died of exposure to the weather. The Edelweiss is still worn today and featured on German beer steins as a decorative symbol of love, bravery, strength, and dedication. Its popularity with the German and Austrian emperors earned the edelweiss the title, "Flower of Emperors and Kings.""

New hardware (I could not get a good picture of the drawer pull to save my life).

And finally the finished piece.  We are happy with the result and I can't wait to get started on my next project. 

What do you think?  Did we do Oma justice with this makeover?

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