Monday, January 20, 2014

Shutters Have a New Purpose

I originally purchased some old shutters to upcycle into jewelry displays.  However, over the weekend I really wanted to get my kitchen area more organized.  Since I do not have an extra room to use as a studio or workshop; I didn't have a place to store paint inside.  I didn't want to continue leaving it in the garage due to the extreme temperature changes in Texas.  One day it will be cold; the next (or the same day) it could be hot.  I have a rarely used fireplace in my kitchen.  (Don't ask me why the builders put a fireplace in the kitchen; because I have no idea.)

So I gathered my paint and supplies and set them in front of the fireplace.

Then I wanted it to look less cluttered; so I cleaned up two of the shutters and set them in front to hide the paint.  It may not look perfect (broken slat); but it is a lot less distracting and cluttered looking.  I have 3 remaining shutters to do something with; so, I could still make a couple of jewelry displays.

What do you think?  Good idea right?

Have a blessed day;