Thursday, January 9, 2014

Where I Re-Create....I Want a Studio to Call My Own

Hey everyone!  I've been pretty busy with work, kids, and a couple of projects.  But while I patiently await the time to complete my projects; I thought I'd share where I do my re-creating..... Depending on the weather, I sometimes work on the kitchen floor.  This isn't always good for my back; but I do it anyway.  In the picture below I took this vintage magazine rack apart because its a bit wobbly.  I've repainted most of the pieces and can't wait to put it back together (with new washers/screws) so I can show you the finished project on

If the weather is good; I will work in the garage.  This current project has been sanded, and primed.  But since I am using oil based products I cannot work on it indoors; so its waiting for a weekend of dry, warmer weather for ventilation.  I like parking in my garage; so I don't leave projects in there for very long.  I really want to get them finished so they don't dominate the space.  As in this project; since part of the paint on the table top is dry; its sitting in the house waiting to be finished.

I'm hoping someday to have an actual studio, storefront, and workspace; but for now this will have to do.  So, where do you recreate?

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