Monday, March 7, 2016

The Gift of Gab

Well good morning All,

I can't believe its been almost two (2) years since I posted on this blog.  I was posting on my other blog; but lost interest in that as well.  I no longer have an online retail business; but I still love to find a good bargain. 

While in church over the past several months; the question continues to come up "what are the gifts God has given you?"  I have actually thought about this for years.  I'm not an expert at anything, my interests change constantly, I've been what I like to call a serial entrepreneur.  The one thing I know I do a lot is "TALK".  I can talk so much; that you can't get a word in edgewise.... and yes I have been told that.  I just can't help it.  Well yesterday I changed my opinion of my excessive talking; and decided just maybe it is a gift instead of a fault.  Just maybe God gave me this trait to bring glory to his kingdom. 

So... lets see where this takes me.  I am going to get back into this blog; and share my bargain hunts.  Not sure if it will help anyone; but it will be an outlet for my excessive talking... lol  that's so funny!

Anyway; be on the lookout for future blog posts.  Later today or tomorrow I will share one of the bargains I found over the weekend.  I might not have pictures.  I guess that will just have to do.

Everyone have a beautiful blessed day!
Warm Wishes!