Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Not So Good Bargain... Hard Rock Cafe City Bears

When I picked up a tote full of Hard Rock Cafe Bears back in early April at a garage sale, I thought "what a great bargain".  I've posted pretty much all 35ish bears on eBay over the past several weeks.  Not one bid, offer, or purchase.  So I may be out some money for these cuties.  I took 5 over to Blondie's Boutique booth inside Fabulous Finds Thrift Store; but still no movement.  I may end up having to mark all of them down (at the thrift store only) to barely cover cost.  So maybe this is a good lesson learned.  What would you do?

Monday, March 3, 2014

It was a Trashy Day - Furniture Rescue

I hope everyone had a splendid weekend.  I put in my first "Volunteer Day" at the thrift store where I have my booth on Saturday.  Not accustomed to being on my feet all day presented quite a challenge. But I held out and made it through the day.

On Sunday; although it was misty and raining off and on, I had a good trashy day.

Its hard to tell; but the items I rescued from going to the landfill are the desk (actually a vanity), and the twin bed (headboard, footboard, and rails).  I had to make two separate runs to pick up both items; but I managed to get them into my Tribute and back home into the garage.  You can tell by looking at the desk/vanity; that someone attempted a repaint job; but it didn't stick very well.  It is peeling and there is no paint left on the top.  The mirror was missing from the vanity (not pictured); but I'm hoping honey will be able to help me replace it.  It will be a while before I get to either of these projects.

Also pictured are some frames I picked up at the New 2 U resale store and one I pulled out of a dumpster a few weeks ago.  I don't really do much actual dumpster diving.  I just drive around a couple of spots toward the end of the month and see what's sitting next to the dumpsters.  Then if I can manage; I rescue them and take them home.

Have a blessed day and week!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

How to Treat a Boil - Home Remedy

Well friends; I don't have any pictures to share.  You would probably be grossed out by them anyway.  But here is the my story about treating a boil.

My daughter (bless her heart) had what appeared to be a seriously irritated and possibly infected boil on the back of her left calf.  After a couple of weeks with no improvement by leaving it on its own; and the persistent pain it caused her I decided to make a doctor appointment.  Well let me tell you, I was not happy with the doctor's office response.  My daughter rarely gets sick; so the few times she has in the past I've taken her to the Texas Med Clinic; where she gets treated for whatever ails her.  My son and I go to this particular doctor annually for disorders we both have.  Naturally I wanted to take her to the family doctor although she had never seen.  This was a PITA (pain in the a&&).  The receptionist responded by indicating it is their policy to:

1st - have a physical; then make a
2nd - appointment to "LOOK" at the boil; then a
3rd - appointment to "LANCE" the boil (if required)

That's 3 appointments at no telling what expense, not to mention time off work; driving to the doctor, the pain and discomfort continuing for potentially weeks.  So guess what I did?  I "googled" it and came up with a remedy that sounded promising.  The information indicated an ointment called Ichthammol would draw the boil poison out; and I could get it behind the pharmacy counter.

So I went to my local Walgreens, and the pharmacist told me the ointment is no longer available.  The manufacturer is no longer making it.  She even explained (without recommending) that it really does work. So, I researched on-line and realized it can be located at pet or feed stores.  I called the local feed store and YES they had some.  It is used on horses for various ailments.

This is what I used, with tax it only cost around $13.00.  That's a whole lot less than 3 doctor appointments

  (Stock Picture)

Next thing I know; after just one treatment that night; the poison (puss) was drawn to the surface and leaked out mostly on its own.  After just 3 days her leg looks so much better, with only some light bruising.

Disclaimer:  The opinions in this post are my own.  Neither the manufacturer, nor the pharmacy recommended use of this product for treatment for boils.  I do not endorse this product as a replacement for quality health care, so if you use this product - do so at your own risk.  

Monday, January 27, 2014

Hooray for Headboards

Hello All, I hope everyone had a splendid weekend.  I feel accomplished in that I finished off a couple of projects that are being posted on my other blog.

But this post is to share this headboard I scored for FREE.  Yep, that's right FREE.  A week ago I was checking behind a local shopping center for "finds" when low and behold the first dumpster I came across had this twin size headboard leaning up against the railing.  No, it wasn't inside the dumpster; so technically it wasn't dumpster diving.  It took a bit of tugging and pulling to get inside my mini SUV; but I managed.  I've already wiped it down and started to sanded.  But I thought I'd better get a before picture because I tend to get excited about projects and forget to take one.  I don't think the makeover will take very long; but since I only work on my projects on weekends; it may be a couple of weeks.  I haven't decided on a color for this; so if you have suggestions - I would welcome them.  Paint colors in stock are:  babbling brook by Valspar; Dallas Cowboy Gray by Behr (old); a dark green exterior paint from Walmart (old); Creamy Linen by Farmhouse Paint; and Almond oil based pay by Rustoleum.  I don't really want to buy more paint; so those are the choices to pick from.  I also have some cover stain; but have learned that priming and painting tends to be a long process between coats because of my schedule and weather.

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Have a wonderful blessed day,

Monday, January 20, 2014

Shutters Have a New Purpose

I originally purchased some old shutters to upcycle into jewelry displays.  However, over the weekend I really wanted to get my kitchen area more organized.  Since I do not have an extra room to use as a studio or workshop; I didn't have a place to store paint inside.  I didn't want to continue leaving it in the garage due to the extreme temperature changes in Texas.  One day it will be cold; the next (or the same day) it could be hot.  I have a rarely used fireplace in my kitchen.  (Don't ask me why the builders put a fireplace in the kitchen; because I have no idea.)

So I gathered my paint and supplies and set them in front of the fireplace.

Then I wanted it to look less cluttered; so I cleaned up two of the shutters and set them in front to hide the paint.  It may not look perfect (broken slat); but it is a lot less distracting and cluttered looking.  I have 3 remaining shutters to do something with; so, I could still make a couple of jewelry displays.

What do you think?  Good idea right?

Have a blessed day;

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Where I Re-Create....I Want a Studio to Call My Own

Hey everyone!  I've been pretty busy with work, kids, and a couple of projects.  But while I patiently await the time to complete my projects; I thought I'd share where I do my re-creating..... Depending on the weather, I sometimes work on the kitchen floor.  This isn't always good for my back; but I do it anyway.  In the picture below I took this vintage magazine rack apart because its a bit wobbly.  I've repainted most of the pieces and can't wait to put it back together (with new washers/screws) so I can show you the finished project on

If the weather is good; I will work in the garage.  This current project has been sanded, and primed.  But since I am using oil based products I cannot work on it indoors; so its waiting for a weekend of dry, warmer weather for ventilation.  I like parking in my garage; so I don't leave projects in there for very long.  I really want to get them finished so they don't dominate the space.  As in this project; since part of the paint on the table top is dry; its sitting in the house waiting to be finished.

I'm hoping someday to have an actual studio, storefront, and workspace; but for now this will have to do.  So, where do you recreate?

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thrifty Finds at New 2 U - UPDATE

Update:  February 19, 2014

Both of these sweet thrifted finds have been repainted and I really like how they turned out.  Check one of the post out here. Or see the updated pictures below:

Here are a couple of thrifty finds from New 2 U Resale Store benefiting the
"Meals on Wheels" program of Comal County.  "Meals on Wheels" provides FREE meals to homebound seniors who otherwise may not have anything to eat.

I'm looking forward to redesigning these and sharing them on my second blog:

Vintage Magazine Rack

Vintage Side Table