Monday, August 5, 2013

Pattern Sizing Does NOT Equal Ready-to-Wear Sizing

If you read my post about the failed project I recently attempted, then you know I was working with a size 12 pattern and it was too small.  I blamed it on the fact that the fabric was not stretchy although according to my ready-to-wear size I am a size 8. 

Today I took on the challenge of measuring and consulting the back of the pattern below; which incidentally I purchased for $1.00 on sale at Hancock Fabrics yesterday. Ok... it/they were 5 for $5.00.  My teenage daughter picked out some patterns as well.

I have two different fabrics that I want to use to make a vest. The front will be the print below and the back will be a solid dark burgundy. At least that's the plan.


This fabric is from a thrifted skirt score at one of the Goodwill Stores I visited last month.  I cut off the band and the hem.  It isn't quite enough fabric for one piece; so that's why I want to do a contrasted vest.  Will provide an update when the project is completed.

So after I took my measurements on a full stomach (don't want anything too tight after I eat).  I circled them on the back as shown below.  Well.... thinking I'm thinner than I really am this shows me to be somewhere between a size 14 and 18.... remember the waist measurement was on a full stomach; so maybe its really between a 14 and 16.  This almost hurts my feelings, but it is what it is.  The measurements don't lie.  At least not today. 

I'm really glad I took the measurements... you know the old saying... "measure twice; cut once" - I think I should live by this rule if I'm going to sew regularly.

So my advice to anyone reading this post and is considering sewing; be sure not to do what I did and check your measurements before you cut. 

Lastly, I ordered a dressform in a small today.  Lord help me if its too small!

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