Saturday, August 3, 2013

Restyle a Skirt into a Sleeveless Top - FAIL

I found this fabric at a Goodwill in Live Oak a few days ago....

The "fabric" in this restyle project started out as a ladies size 24 skirt.  I paid $2.99 for it.  Let me tell you, this was a very well made skirt.  Ripping the stitching out took quite a bit of time.  But I finally got it all taken apart.

I picked up a few vintage patterns at the Communities In Schools Resale Store in New Braunfels for $.175 each (yep that's seventeen and a half cents).  I chose the sleeveless top circled for this restyle project. 

I cut out the pattern before I realized this was for stretchy fabric only.  I thought "since its a size 12, maybe it will work anyway".... but after I pinned the pieces together and tried it on without stitching it, I realized "OH NO" its way too tight.  So, then I thought I could modify the design and make a vest out of it.  Cut, snip, pin; and still too tight.  So this attempt was a MAJOR FAIL!  Perhaps after a little more experience with simpler projects I can go back to this and make it work somehow. 
I am posting this so any other individuals who are learning to sew, know they are not alone if it results in failure.
Have you had a sewing failure?  Don't be ashamed, its a learning experience.  And... although very disappointed, I am not ashamed.
God Bless,