Friday, June 14, 2013

Cucumbers Anyone?

Blooms are exploding!

Another angle of my two cucumber plants.

We had a nice little thunderstorm yesterday; and while I've been holding out for cucumbers, I had a nice little surprise yesterday.  To my excitement and surprise, I had one #cucumber.  Pictured below next to the 3rd zuchinni of the season.

This is a Muncher cucumber, and I'm looking forward to slicing it up and eating it this weekend. 

I've had some challenges with the cucumber plants.  I have learned its best to just plant seeds directly in the ground as opposed to transplanting seedlings.  I started with about seven seedlings and only one has survived.  Afterwhich, three more seeds were planted directly in the ground and one has survived.  So.... I have two plants that are doing well.

How are your cucumbers doing this season?

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