Wednesday, June 19, 2013

First Batch of Compost 6.16.2013

Compost from Tumbler
As you can see from this picture, the finished product wasn't really finished.  Of course I didn't use the traditional method of filling the tumbler once and then leave it until it is done cooking.  I added as time went by.  Not much green matter; but hopefully I've done an ok job on my first batch.  I'm not exactly expecting miracles...

So after I shoveled this out of the compost tumbler, then I went about sorting the undecomposed (is that a word) matter from the decomposed matter... ok the big stuff from the little stuff it that makes it easier to understand.

Compost Divided
Looking a little bit better.

Back in the Tumbler
 After sorting the #compost, I pitched the big stuff back into the tumbler for ... well.... more tumbling. Then the finished product was ready.  I didn't think it would hurt to have a few larger pieces; after all this was done by hand; not with a compost sifter.

Finished (?)

And of cource then came the question..... Where do I dump this compost?
So, with much deliberation, I decided to dump it in a bare spot in the front yard.  Hoping it will encourage healthy St. Augustine grass growth.  Not sure if it will; its usually a very bone dry spot and only produces weeds.

And so.... Ta.... da..... All finished.

Finished Compost in place.

See ya next time!

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