Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Saved $41.05 At My H.E.B. Grocery Store

This may not be huge savings by some extreme couponer's standards; but for me its a pretty good deal.  And I didn't buy anything my family didn't need.

In a previous post I mentioned receiving $10 catalina coupons for purchasing $30 of P&G products ($60 between two transactions).  Sunday was my day to cash those catalinas in.

In my first transaction:  I purchased a variety of grocery needs with no manufacturer, or store coupons.  Items like bread, milk, produce, and meat.  The total before coupons was $49.41.  Less $10.87 for 22% savings.

The second transaction:  Again, a variety of grocery needs with some manufacturer coupons and store furnished manufacturer coupons.  (I would list then; but that might bore my readers.)  The total before savings was $77.21.  Less $30.18 for 40% savings. 

Overall grocery savings of 33%.

Not bad for an avid; but not extreme couponer.  I get most if not all of my coupons from newspaper inserts and preprinted coupons at the grocery store.  For other ideas on where to get coupons; check out a my previous post here.