Friday, May 17, 2013

Yellow Dye in Food Products..... Eliminate it, or Not?

I've never paid much attention to scientific research on dyes, chemicals, and other ingredients in the past.  But for some reason the last few months I've really become more concerned about what is in the processed foods I buy.

So I did a little research after hearing negative comments about yellow dye.

According to sources on Wikipedia;
"The use of tartrazine was banned in Norway,[26] and was also banned in Austria[26] and Germany until the ban was overturned by a European Union directive.[27][not in citation given] The United Kingdom's Food Standards Agency in April 2008 called for a voluntary phase-out of tartrazine, along with five other colorings, because of a reported link with hyperactivity in children.[28]"
This concerns me because I have a child with ADHD.  He takes medication every school day to help him focus on his schoolwork.  I have begun a personal pledge of removing yellow dye (esp. #s 5 & 6) from our diet.  And guess what?  One of our most favorite products contains yellow dye #5.  That being "Hamburger Helper - Cheeseburger Macaroni"..... I wonder if we will miss it.  I know I miss the ease of preparing dinner in a short amount of time; but I think our health may just be a little more important than convenience.

I can't say that I or we have removed all products containing yellow dye from our diet; but I am sure working on it.

What do you think?